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Serving the Anna and Jonesboro communities with clean, reliable water delivery service since 1970.

About the Anna-Jonesboro Water Commission

The Anna-Jonesboro Water Commission was established in 1967 as an intergovernmental agreement between the cities of Anna and Jonesboro in hopes to provide a clean and dependable drinking water source for both communities. Construction on new wells and a water treatment plant began in early 1968. The commission then broke ground in the fall of 1968 on a 500,000 gallon elevated tower that is still in use today and is located behind Anna-Jonesboro Community High School. Once all sites had been completed, the commission officially started up its water plant and began the treatment process.

As the years went along, the Union County Board of Commissioners appointed a third member to the board. We have also completed three renovations and expansions since 1970 to meet the growing needs of our customers, as well as meeting and exceeding regulations placed by the IEPA.

Today, the Anna-Jonesboro Water Commission also sells water to the following entities: Shawnee Valley Water District, Lick Creek Water District and Choate Mental Health and Development. The AJWC provides an estimated 10,000 people with water and treats an estimated 360 million gallons of water each year.

News & Events

Water Hydrant Flush

Posted: January 4, 2024

The Anna-Jonesboro Water Commission will be flushing fire hydrants on January 10th, 2024. If you have any questions, please call 618-833-5313. Thank you.

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Annual Consumer Confidence Report

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2019 Consumer Confidence Report

AJWC Board of Directors

Coming soon: Photo of Dori Bigler, City of Anna Representative—appointed July 09, 2020

Dori Bigler

City of Anna Representative

Appointed: July 09, 2020

Coming soon: Photo of Doug Edwards, Board Chairman

Doug Edwards

Board Chairman

Coming soon: Photo of Jeff Denny, Commissioner

Jeff Denny